Témoignages et avis


I greatly enjoyed Jackie’s English classes at the Leuven Language Center. Exploring British culture and society and offering opportunity for discussion and debate on a variety of current issues, they went far beyond the necessary vocabulary and grammar exercises. They were living language classes in the full sense of the word, inspiring and enriching. Excellent teacher.
Emmanuel Gerard – Professor of History at KU Leuven

Jackie’s lessons at the CLT in Leuven were an exploration of the English language, culture and society. I admired how beautifully Jackie could articulate what we were trying to say or write in English.

Jackie’s lessons were different: she not only taught us English but also introduced us to English literature, poetry, history and the English ‘way of living’. One of her favorites was: ‘meet the locals’ and so she offered us lots of possibilities to get in touch with native speakers and learn of their culture.
Bernadette Abts  –  Lecturer, University College UCLL (University College Leuven – Limburg)

Jackie’s lessons were a lifelong experience. It didn’t feel like learning and studying, the learning just happened. Jackie lifts you up.
The Londoners Reading Group, Leuven, Belgium


“Thank you once again for the Riverside Adventures tour; It was brilliant and colleagues and students raved over it.”
Marleen Vanderheiden – Assistant Principal, Centre for Living Languages (CLT), University of Leuven, Belgium

“This is fantastic! Can’t wait to let my students savour this!”

“Tonight’s session was very interesting, and I enjoyed each of the tours immensely (both their subject matter and delivery).”

With every presentation there are a zillion possibilities to expand ….a dream for language teachers.”

“The London tapestry became even richer. The guide could be the lead-in to the class, the middle or the end. Great pick of pictures.”
Language Walks Project Seminar 2021 – Feedback

“Legal London virtual tour highly recommended! The worries of Covid 19 and the looming likelihood of another national lockdown were forgotten briefly yesterday as I spent a fascinating hour exploring Legal London on the virtual tour led by Jackie Clare. Wow! What a treat! Jackie used superb visuals, was very clear in her explanations and showed us the route as we progressed through this huge, mysterious and largely hidden but expansive corner of London. The history of the Inns of Court, the role of the Knights Templar, the growth of the legal system, training of barristers (and we got to hear about how women were eventually, albeit very reluctantly, admitted), centuries old traditions still observed today and some of the famous personalities who have been part of this area since it’s inception, were all included. Just the right mix of fact and anecdote. Thank you very much Jackie, it was great exactly how I hoped it would be. Looking forward to the next!”
Via Tripadvisor

“It is a sad reflection on modern times that I tend to discount any “5 star / over-glowing” reviews, however, in the hope that there are others less-jaundiced than myself, I’m submitting my own genuine « outstanding » review.

I have lived in SE London for most of my life, and have walked the Thames path from Greenwich to London Bridge many times. I was therefore doubtful that Jackie Clare’s on-line talk on “Riverside Rotherhithe” would add any new knowledge. I’m delighted to admit that I was totally mistaken, and the hour long talk was truly outstanding, both informative and entertaining. Jackie covered a vast amount of current and historical information on Rotherhithe, and was able to provide instant answers to any questions that were raised. The talk included an excellent mix of media – with maps, photo’s and videos in addition to the live commentary, and was perfectly paced, giving time to absorb new information without the need for repetition.

As soon as the restrictions are lifted I hope to be able to re-book and walk the route described so well.”
Via Tripadvisor


My husband and I went on your Street Art walk and absolutely loved it. We’ve been on many of your London walks over the years – we pretty much make an annual visit to London from our home in San Francisco, and we usually do two or three of your walks each time – and we’ve almost always found them to be interesting, but this one was over-the-top wonderful. Our guide, Jackie, was exceptional. She is incredibly knowledgeable about street art, filling us in with information about the artists and their various styles and techniques, and her enthusiasm for her subject is delightful. Subsequent to the walk, I did some research to learn a little more about some of the work, and I came away feeling that we had gotten an extremely thorough tour of the street art scene in the East End plus tips on other places to look for interesting work. I hope you will continue to offer this walk with Jackie, as there will always be new and interesting works. We would definitely do it again next year.

On behalf of our family, I want to thank you for making our recent visit to London such a special time. You are the perfect tour guide. We all loved seeing London and the special care you took with us was greatly appreciated… We were fortunate to have two other exceptional tour guides when we got to Paris but our family unanimously voted you our trip’s best tour guide. Thank you for making our trip an unforgettable experience.