1. Virtual and in-person walks, talks and events to support language and socio-cultural learning goals in schools (primary and secondary), colleges and universities.

– adapted, as required, to levels B1 through to C2 on the Common European Framework of Reference.  

  • Stories and biographies of interesting Londoners and tours of London locations with structured discussion points. Our sites range from the most well known to those hardly known. Our stories are drawn from history and from contemporary life, some are well known, many are quirky local stories. Real London and real Londoners.
  • Head-to-heads ensuring multi-perspective debate and discussion.  Interaction with students via polling, Q & A, quizzes and discussion. Debating themes are drawn from the U.K but are chosen with an eye to international relevance e.g. North versus South
  • Art description as an enabler for discussion, learning and inspiration. We draw upon painting, sculpture, architecture and street art to tease out vocabulary and discussion topics.

2. Virtual and in-person language learning walks with a specific language learning focus. The range of both language learning objectives (grammar structures, vocabulary, pronunciation) and of sites and stories with which to develop them is extensive. This ranges from primary school storytelling (e.g. A trip to the Seaside) through to developing specialist vocabulary areas for university and college students (e.g. Twentieth Century City of London Architecture).

– adapted, as required, to levels A2 through to C2 on the Common European Framework of Reference.

3. Specialist guide match. We can draw on a community of in the region of 600 London guides and 1800 guides across the British Isles. We recommend the right specialist guide for your needs.


For educational institutions we offer flexible subscriptions, which can be taken up over an academic year. We understand the demands of curriculum planning and can commit to delivery up to one year in advance.  Email us with a description of your needs and we will provide a quote:

For private companies, clubs and individuals we offer single fees for virtual and in-person walks, talks and events. 

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